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Polyethylene packaging

Polyethylene sleeve
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Polyethylene sleeve  By production of different types of flexible packing, in particular, of plastic bags, initial polymeric material is necessary. It from a concentrate of polyethylene which is delivered on the market in several types (powder, scaly) is made, however the most widespread are...
Group: Plastic sleeve with logo
Package of a logo of the cutting strengthened banana handle and ground fold
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Package of a logo of the cutting strengthened banana handle and ground fold   Existence in a package banana of the strengthened handle increases its loading capacity and term of operation. Strengthening of the " handle the hot rider is most often used". Also, thanks to existence in a package...
Group: Plastic bags with the logo
Package of the loopback handle
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Presentable company packages of the loopback handle Among the other types and forms of polyethylene packing made by the LLC Chernihiv Pekedzh COMPANY enterprise (Ukraine), it is worth allocating with the separate paragraph production of packages with loopback wholesale, and also small...
Group: Plastic sachets
Banana package of a log
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Our enterprise is engaged many years in production of polyethylene packing. At the moment the company found authority and trust of numerous audience of customers across all Ukraine, thanks to workmanship, responsible individual approach, and also reasonable prices. Plastic bags - "bananas" are...
Group: Plastic bags with the logo
Packages an undershirt with a log
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Packages an undershirt with a logo LLC Kompaniya Chernigov Pekedzh " takes orders for individual production of packages undershirts of a logo and symbolics of your company volumes from 200 pieces as we understand that an opportunity to order small party of company packing sometimes has crucial...
Group: Plastic bags with the logo


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